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At Vi-Jon®, we appreciate the value of your good name. We know private brands are more than just labels on products; they represent your business. That’s why we not only create exceptional products, we create customized solutions. We are one of the nation’s oldest, private brand manufacturers. For over 100 years, our success has been based on a relentless commitment to quality, service and value.

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Hand Care Solutions

Nobody offers better product quality or variety than Vi-Jon. From our alcohol-based and alcohol-free hand sanitizers to liquid and foaming hand soaps that wash away dirt and bacteria without damaging skin, our hand care solutions are all you need to fight germs with your bare hands.

Hair & Body Care Solutions

Developed specifically for hair and body use, our multi-purpose personal cleaning solutions suds quickly, rinse clean and offer a refreshing fragrance. Available in both liquid and foam formulations, this two-in one product is ideal for patient bathing.

Hospitality Solutions

Nothing is more important than making sure your hotel guests who are on the road feel right at home. Our lightly fragranced personal wash products – including shower gel,shampoo and conditioner – are designed roll out the red carpet for all your guests.

Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

When you need help with the dishes, you can rely on our grease-fighting liquid dish soap. Featuring a clean scent and a phosphate-free formula that is ultra-concentrated for twice the cleaning power, this hardworking product is designed to help with the dishes.

Facility Cleaning Solutions

Our Facility Cleaning Solutions offer a number of smart, affordable, industrial-strength solutions for multi-purpose cleaning. Whether you’re cleaning windows, showers, tubs, tile floors or other challenging surfaces, we’ve got the product you need – in the size you need it.

Antiseptic Solutions

When it comes to health and hygiene, Vi-Jon, protects skin from bacteria is with our full line of antiseptic solutions. Whether you’re cleaning minor cuts and scrapes to prevent infection or preparing a patient for surgery, our antiseptic solutions are equal to the task.

Oral Care Solutions

Vi-Jon makes maintaining oral hygiene health and fighting germs easy with great-tasting mint- and spearmint-flavored mouthwashes that kill bacteria and freshen breath. Available in alcohol and alcohol-free formulations, our oral care solutions get great word of mouth.

Perineal Solutions

Discover skin care with a personal touch. Our Perineal Care Solutions offer everything from convenient, no-rinse foam cleansers to a gentle dye-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free wash cream, as well as a variety of moisturizing lotions, conditioners and creams.

Baby Care Solutions

At Vi-Jon, we offer a full line of products specially formulated for babies’ delicate skin,including tear-free shampoo, baby lotion, baby wash, baby mineral oil and baby powder with corn starch. Each one is designed to be gentle enough for daily use.