OmniPod® Hand Hygiene Systems
The versatile solution for today’s professional markets.

Hand hygiene is a priority for professionals everywhere. Unfortunately, most of the dispensing options are complicated and expensive. That’s why Vi-Jon® created the OmniPod® Hand Hygiene System. OmniPod® turns traditional dispenser design inside out. Its manual and no-touch systems are high in quality and style and low in cost. The perfect choice for today’s professional environments.

OmniPod® Flex Manual 750 ml

With its compact size and sleek design, the OmniPod® Manual 750 ml goes anywhere, including any wall, workstation, cleaning or medication cart or cafeteria counter.

OmniPod® Auto 1150 ml, Manual 1150 ml

The perfect choice for high-traffic areas where its large 1150 ml capacity and extended battery life will outperform other dispensers on the market.

A powerful combination

The OmniPod® Hand Hygiene System brings the power of Germ-X® to professional markets in new advanced formulas. Germ-X® – the one name that is trusted by millions to help prevent the spread of germs.

Germ-X® Dispenser Refills

These 100% PET recyclable refill bottles are extremely tough and exceptionally flexible. You only need one bottle per model, and that same bottle can dispense liquids, gels and foams.


With OmniPod® dispensers, the only thing easier than killing germs and promoting hand hygiene is finding the accessories you need to keep your system performing effectively.