Vi-Jon® keeps you healthy no matter where you work.

Vi-Jon® Professional offers a complete line of health, hygiene, personal care and cleaning products designed for every professional environment—from hotels and hospitals to offices, schools and manufacturing facilities. Keep your workplace clean and safe with Vi-Jon® Professional.


Contact contamination and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a constant threat in hospitals and other clinical settings. The best way to protect patients and care providers against germs spread by human contact is with a daily hygiene regimen that includes Germ-X® hand soaps, sanitizers and lotions.


Schools are a veritable petri dish of germs and bacteria. From shared classroom supplies to cafeteria trays and communal fountains, microorganisms are everywhere. Fortunately, with Germ-X® hand hygiene products partnered with handy OmniPod® dispensers, you can promote healthy behaviors and keep your teachers and students in the classroom.


Traveling can be physically and mentally taxing, which is why people get sick when they travel personally or professionally. Good personal hygiene can help. Vi-Jon® offers a full line of hospitality products—from Germ-X® hand sanitizers, soaps and wipes to Sonoma Spa® shampoo, conditioner and body wash products.


Keeping your building clean and hygienic is a great way to show your tenants and visitors that you care about them. With Germ-X® hand sanitizers and soaps combined with OmniPod® dispensing systems and Germ-X® Wellness Wipes, you can make a lasting impression in every location—from the lobby to meeting rooms, restroom and breakrooms.

Contract Cleaners

When your staff uses cleaning products for several hours every day, you want something that’s easy to use – and easy on your budget. We feature a variety of affordable, smart solutions for general purpose cleaning in all types of facilities. Available in sizes from gallons to standard trigger spray.


Gyms are a great place to get in shape. They’re also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. By keeping your gym clean, you can keep your members healthy and happy. And nothing does a better job of that than Germ-X® Wellness hand sanitizer wipes in your workout areas and OmniPod® dispensers filled with Germ-X® hand soaps, sanitizers and lotions in your restroom and locker areas.

High-Traffic Areas

Fighting germs in places where lots of people gather is a challenge. That challenge is especially difficult in high-traffic public facilities, where large numbers of people are in close proximity. Fortunately, with Germ-X® hand hygiene solutions and versatile OmniPod® dispensers you can kill germs even in a crowd.


Foodborne bacteria can cause serious illness. One of the primary sources of such bacteria is germs from food workers’ hands. With Germ-X® hand sanitizers and soaps in the kitchen area, hand sanitizer at the cashier station, you can reduce foodborne bacteria and protect customers and employees. Vi-Jon® Professional also has kitchen cleaning products with dishwashing liquids and pot and pan detergents.


When it comes to your employees, the greatest ability is availability. Implementing a Germ-X® hand hygiene regimen in your workplace and providing access to OmniPod® dispensers can improve worker safety, reduce skin disorders and elevate overall health standards.


Protect yourself from germs as soon as you enter a grocery or retail store. Grab a Germ-X® Wellness Hand Sanitizing Wipe when you get your cart and grab another on your way out. The combination of OmniPod® Dispensing Systems filled Germ-X® Hand Soaps is perfect for the restroom. Always remember to wash your hands before you leave the restroom.