Put the germ-killing power of Germ-X® to work for you.
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Developed by our leading scientists at Vi-Jon, Germ-X® offers a product line that’s perfect for any professional setting. From hand soaps and hand sanitizers – in liquid, gel and foaming formulations – to moisturizing hand sanitizer lotions and hand sanitizing wipes, the Germ-X® family of products can keep everyone protected.


Handwashing remains the easiest and most effective way of removing and preventing the spread of germs.

Germ-X® offers a full line of liquid and foaming hand soaps to promote routine washing and meet the needs of your environments and users.

» Excellent lathering to clean and remove soils
» Pleasant to use and leaves skin feeling soft and clean
» Fresh, refreshing scents
» Triclosan and phthalate-free
» General purpose soaps with Green Seal™ and Safer Choice certifications


Hand sanitizing is a critical part of a total hand hygiene regimen – enabling protection when soap and water are not accessible.

Germ-X® hand sanitizers are proven to kill 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria in as little as 15 seconds*. Available in a variety of sizes, forms and fragrances.

» Moisturizing with Vitamin E
» Crisp and clear fragrance
» Can be used anytime and anywhere
» Formulas that meet Ecologo certification and USDA Bio Preferred program for biobased content

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Lotion

Moisturizing is vital to maintaining healthy skin, and hands are most at risk due to environmental exposure and repeated handwashing.

Germ-X® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Lotion developed especially for healthcare workers helps soothe and moisturize hands while maintaining germ kill, meeting or exceeding FDA protocols.

» Kills 99.99% of germs in as little as 15 seconds*
» Clinically proven to moisturize hands
» CHG and glove compatible**
» All-day moisturization
» Alcohol-free with vitamins E, A, D3 and C


Hand sanitizing wipes are a convenient way to stay protected on the go.

Germ-X® hand sanitizing wipes combine the germ-killing strength of a hand sanitizer with the utility of a wipe. A premoistened wipe is a quick and convenient way to remove dirt and residue.

» Kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs*
» No harsh chemicals – safe on hands and face
» Premoistened for effective and gentle use
» Convenient size options

A powerful combination

The OmniPod® Hand Hygiene System brings the power of Germ-X® to professional markets in new advanced formulas. Germ-X® – the one name that is trusted by millions to help prevent the spread of germs.